Caitlin Farrell

Stage Experience - Caitlin Farrell

Caitlin is currently in Year 8 at Ribston Hall High School for girls, Gloucester. She is studying ballet at senior level with Jackie Shewell-Thomas at Mandy Goddings Theatre Arts Studio where she also has Modern and Tap Lessons. After gaining a silver medal in the Song category of Gloucester Dance Festival last year she is now taking singing lessons with Michael Clifton and is looking forward to competing in this year’s festival.

She is also learning the piano and flute so she is able to relate to playing the part of a musician in the production.
Whilst she has performed on stage many times dancing, singing or playing her flute she has never had the opportunity to act before.

Caitlin has loved the challenge of taking part in this production and developing her acting skills with Stage Experience. She has particularly enjoyed working with professionals and the older students who have so much expertise to share with her.