Ayse Alice Demir

Stage Experience - Ayse Alice Demir

Ayse is 15 years old and has been performing from the age of 4 years old. She has played parts in various school plays and two years ago joined The Hampstead Factory. Where she has passed Her grade 6 In acting and are now putting together a new performance. She is now at Winchcombe school and is also playing a part in the "The forbidden planet" where she is playing the part of DATA. She has started taking her GCSE's. Performing arts being one of them where she is at the moment studying musical theater. She is also taking Extra Dance as a GCSE. After school she hopes to carry on studying musical Theater and begin her career in the musical business.

At her school has now recently joined the choir and hopes to gain more experience in classical music as to just modern. She has now started to audition for many things in local area's FAME being one of them. She will also be competing in the local talent show for singing at The Beechwood arcade In the end of november.